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Understanding User Roles

There are three types of users on an account:

  • Admin
  • Standard
  • Template

Typically, the person who creates the Esendex account becomes an Admin user. Admin users on an account can create additional users, and control their access to the system.

Here is a quick summary of the different roles available:

User Role Capabilities
Admin User has full access to all applications and all application features. This includes ability to change account settings and create, manage and delete users.
Standard User has full access to all application features but is not able to change account settings and create, manage or delete users.
Template User can only send predefined templates. This user can view the inbox and sent items but is not able to create, manage or delete templates or access the settings.
Here is an overview of the most important features available to each user role within the Esendex system:

Admin Standard Template
Sending Messages
Send SMS Messages Tick Tick Tick
Send predefined message templates Tick Tick Tick
Send messages at a future date and time (scheduled send) Tick Tick Tick
Send text to voice messages Tick Tick
Send free type messages Tick Tick
Send messages to contacts and groups Tick Tick
Send messages in bulk by uploading Excel or CSV files Tick Tick
Create, manage and delete message templates Tick Tick
Read inbound messages Tick Tick Tick
Delete messages Tick Tick
Sent items
View and download sent messages Tick Tick Tick
Contact management
Create, manage and delete contacts and contact groups Tick Tick
Upload Excel or CSV files with contact information Tick Tick
Change default account settings Tick
Change Echo Email account settings Tick
Create, manage and delete users Tick
Configure push notifications for API integrations Tick
API access Tick Tick

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